The Word

Come join us on Wednesday nights for a great time of fellowship and the word. We have Battlecry youth meet every Wednesday night in the Student Ministry building for a time of fun and games, but most of all have a dynamic time learning about the Word of God. You don’t want to miss this weekly service of refreshing from Pastor Shannon and Pastor Rich.

The Teaching

We believe in teaching young men and women about the word of God. Every Sunday morning at 8:45 we meet for our Sunday school teaching done by Mr. William O’Neal. Each Sunday we learn something new! Our vision for this youth is to see them have a eagerness and desire to know God-We want them to grow in their spiritual walk with God by digging into the Word and spending quality time with God in their secret place. Sunday School gives them the opportunity to start out the journey to understand the living word of God.

The Worship

We live to worship. We worship in every aspect of life whether if it’s through praise, dance, drama, and writing. We want our youth to use their talents for the glory of the Lord. Our passion is to run after God’s own heart by worshipping Him with all we have. We give Him our all.

Upcoming Events

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